Saturday, September 11

New Crowning Glory

Last August 30, 2010, I went to Victor Ortega Salon with my friend Sarah Cabanlig for a hair re bond. That was my first time, since my hair is curly in nature. For 22 years I am Goldilocks, just what my other friends used to tease me with. It took almost 6 hours, but it was all worth it. Sarah and I both enjoyed Victor Ortega Salon's service. 


I will miss my curly hair. It was a great curly hair. Very natural. But it got damaged the last year that was why I had it re bonded. My friends have different responses after my new look. Some did not like it that much but most of them liked it. And I love my new hair now. I am enjoying it. I also realized how important it is have a great looking hair. It is our crowning glory, anyways.

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