Saturday, October 9

Great Weekend Getaway

Right after our shift (9PM to 6AM), my whole team (Work Team) had our way straight to Cavite. We actually had our team building last Saturday, October 9. We stayed at Gonzales' residence in Amadeo, Cavite (few minutes away from Tagaytay). It was an overnight stay. It was actually a bonding time. The house is really good. I had my own room to stay in for the whole night, since I am the only girl in our team. We also shoot our training graduation presentation there. The graduation will be on Friday, October 15. 

Saturday lunch we went to Tagaytay to eat in a Bulalo-serving restaurant. Bulalo is a famous Filipino Beef dish. I failed to remember the name of the restaurant. The restaurant has an overlooking feature to the Taal Volcano. Very relaxing. Their Bulalo was really great and tasty. The best-ever Bulalo I have tasted so far. I had a great lunch experience there.

I will write more about our team building memories in the next days. I will also post our shots here. Just can't wait to write about my Bulalo-eating experience last Saturday. 

Tuesday, October 5

Bought a Gift for myself

I went to Landmark last October 1st to buy something for myself. Since that was the day after payday. I shopped bags and a belt for my dearest Dad. This bag was a dream bag. Not the brand name,'cause I really don't care about the name of anything, but the style. I was really dreaming to have a back pack before, and it's truly rewarding that I was able to buy one for myself, as a gift. Actually I have a list of things that I want to buy. And it's really advisable to write your dreams on a paper and have them scrathed out once you have reached it. It would also be a reminder how good God is.  

Reunion with my HS Friends

Shots from our Reunion Party last October 2, 2010. We graduated last 2005 and it has been 5 years. We very seldom see each other, so this Reunion is really of something special for us. We brought pot lucks. Enjoyed this reunion so much.