Friday, October 29

Horror Thingy

Horror movies, trick or treats, ghost stories are all around now in celebration of the Halloween. But, personally, I do not celebrate it. I am not belittling all people who are, though. I totally respect them. It’s just not my thing.

I used to watch horror movies before, a lot; Movie marathon of Asian Horrors. The best-ever films that I have seen were Shutter and The Grudge. They were really terrifying that made it tough for me to sleep for a couple of nights. And there was also an instance that I dreamt of Sadako. Eerrrrr! Horrifying! One common thing in Asian Horrors that I have noticed was they all have flash-back stories. I mean, there must have had a story behind all of the Horror thingy.

That was all before when I don’t have something to do during vacations. My “Ate” (sister) in church discouraged us to watch horror movies because my friends and I love to watch those. She said that it won’t help us at all and we’re just letting the devil control us, on which I totally I agree with her. It only fears me and controls me. It makes me paranoid. Ha! ha! Ha!

 If you want to watch horror movies, it’s better to check your spiritual convictions first. Will this help me? Is this worthwhile? Is it what He says?

“…and do not give the devil a foothold.” Ephesians 4:27

It’s just my two cents. Happy November to all!

Wednesday, October 27

Monthly Highlights: October

Time flew so fast! I did not notice that October is getting over. Well, this month was a very busy and very exciting month for me. Every week I had my schedule for this and that. I tried to recall all of the things that I did and went for October. Let me have my monthly synopsis. I am basing it with my weekends, because Mondays through Fridays, I am at work. I am following a Philippine calendar.

October 2, I was in Baga Berde, attended our Company activity entitled “Circle of Excellence.” That was actually a recognition day for the employees who did great jobs for the past years. There was also a performance competition; my team was required to join. We did Hand mime. Thankfully, we won the second place; ‘Twas a very fun night.

October 9-10, our Team building was held. We went to Tagaytay and Amadeo, Cavite. We stayed in a fabulous home of our team mate JC; Naughty days with the colleagues. I can say that our team really got built.

October 16-18, I stayed in our home in Canlubang, Laguna. Bond time and quality time with the ones that I love the most. I am thankful to God for each one of them.

October 23, I was with our US trainer Magnus and colleague Ed. We hung out with Magnus because that was his last Saturday here in the Philippines. We ate at the Manila Peninsula Hotel, had some drinks in Café Havana and had desserts in Spicy Fingers. All expenses shouldered by Magnus. The 25th, the whole team had our break in Yellow Cab, all expenses paid by Magnus. He left the country by the 26th. He was the best trainer we have.

And on the 30th, our youth group will have again its monthly JAM. The event will be called Step Up. I was the registration and follow-up committee head. It will be another harvesting event for our youth ministry. I am excited!

My October 2010 was fully loaded. That’s living life at its best.

Tuesday, October 26

My Own Biz Someday

As a 22-year old lady, I know there are so many things in life that I still need to learn, accomplish and reach. I am glad that little by little, I am learning to be independent. I am now learning to budget, save and give. A month ago, I was able to apply for a Savings account in BPI Family Savings Bank. I am so happy that I have finally done that.

I had my own fair share of dreams, plans and desires. One of those is to put up my own business. I talked to my best friend Nick last time and asked him what would be the best business to start up. He asked me where I plan to establish my business. I told him that I want to put it up beside our home in Laguna, since we still have space in our whole lot area. Those ideas were shared. Then he suggested a water refilling business. I thought of it as a great idea. Our village is not saturated with that kind of business yet. Hopefully, I will be, if not the first, one of the pioneer entrepreneurs with that kind of biz in our zone.

I researched some prior facts about putting up a Water Refilling Station in the web. According to some, the capital would not be more than half a million. Some were offering franchise. I am also thinking of franchising an existing water refilling business. All ideas were already there. I will just need to start the specific planning and saving. I want to start saving up money as early as possible. Of course, I can’t do these all alone. I need people, friends, and experts, to help me out. So help me, Father.