Thursday, February 3

I miss you all


I miss writing here! My apologies for not updating this blog of mine for a very long time. It has been a very very busy start of 2011. How am I doing? I am great! One great blessing that had happened was I am already a regular employee of Sykes Asia, Inc. Weeeeh! Yeah, it's really such a blessing and I really am grateful to God for this. This job really helped me and my family with our finances. I am really looking forward for more years in Sykes. 

My January is fully loaded! Well, actually each month is loaded, always. Hehe! Blessings and provisions are always there 'cause truly, you know, He is our Jehovah Jireh.  Of course problems were present as well. For this year, I have come up of some goals. I only have two in mind yet; I am still thinking about my goals, which I would also share here in my blog. Those two goals are: to save P4,000 each month and to live a healthy diet and lifestyle. This past two weeks, I suffered Digestive and bowel movement problems. But I am better now. I just need fiber, lots of water, fruits and veggies. Healthy diet, in short.

February would be an exciting month as well. I already have some scheduled events and plans. And I am really excited. Oh yeah, Feb is heart month! I am sure all lovers out there wouldn't miss a date on Feb 14.

I just wanna say I miss you all. I hope you guys miss my blogs too. Hehehe.. I heart (love) you all!

Thursday, January 27


 I just love this song of PlanetShakers entitled Surrender:

All that I am is Yours
All that I have is Yours
I give You my heart and soul
Lord I’m Yours

Lord every day is Yours

Lord every breath is Yours
Giving my life to You
Lord I’m Yours

You alone are worthy of all praise

You alone are worthy of all praise

I surrender all to You

I surrender all to You
I am nothing without You
Jesus Christ take my life
It’s all for You

You’re worthy of all praise

You’re worthy of all praise, Jesus

Thursday, January 6

Happy and blessed 2011!

I apologize for my failure to update this blog for a very long time. December has been a very busy month, I think, not only for me but also for everybody. December 25th, Christmas Day, my whole family went to SM Megamall and watched a movie, RPG Metanoia; A simple yet very meaningful moment with my family as we all celebrate Christ’s birthday. Holidays are really the best time for the families. December 31st, New Year’s Eve, we were all busy preparing for food part of the culture in welcoming New Year. We have spaghetti, macaroni salad, graham cake, ice cream, cake, fish and pork barbeques and fruits that time. We celebrated New Year at our new home in Canlubang, Laguna. I am very thankful and grateful to the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness to me and to my whole family. Although there were tons of problems this 2010, blessings are very far more than those. Blessings poured out this past 2010. Truly, without Him, I am so nothing.

For now, let me just share with you our captured moments during the holiday seasons. 

Our Christmas Eve Feast

Photo Op after movie watching, Christmas Day

Merienda at Mang Inasal
Happy New Year!

My Family as we welcome 2011

New Year Feast!

Happy 2011!

Monday, December 20

Christmas Presents

Happy Holidays! Have you started shopping for your Christmas presents? Me, I have. There were so many expenses for this yuletide season. Two weeks ago, my mother and I shopped for new things as my Christmas gifts for them, my family. I bought Mama new sandals, new shirts for Papa, new rubber shoes and new clothes for my younger siblings. Everything was new. And they are all worthy to receive my fair share of blessings. God has been so good and faithful to me this year. I owe Him everything.

I also started buying presents for my God-children. Yes, God-children; Lovely children. I also bought gifts for my baby cousins. I will give all of those gifts on Christmas Day. I’m sure they will all love it. I don’t want to give cash to them. Giving cash is effortless. Effort is priceless and the heart upon giving matters.

Last December 18th, my boyfriend and I bought his Dad an eyeglass as our Christmas-Birthday gift to him. For a long time, his dad was using an eyeglass that was not his eye grade.

Last December 13th, my Papa celebrated his 43rd birthday. My sister Ellaine and I bought him a cake and an 18” Greenwich pizza. Another joyful day this month as God blessed my dad another year to be with us.

Of course, I won’t forget to give something for myself. Another wish granted and another thing scratched out from my wish list. Last Saturday, I bought a Canon IXY Digital camera. It’s actually a third-hand one, and I was able to buy it for a lower cost, but it’s still a good camera. Canon cameras are really good. I just really need one this time because I want my Christmas moments with my family and friends be captured. I am just excited for the things to come.

Let’s not forget to always seek the Giver and not the gift. And in everything, give thanks. As 2010 ends, let’s think about how God gave us presents, blessings, love, protection and guidance.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all!