Saturday, September 11

New Crowning Glory

Last August 30, 2010, I went to Victor Ortega Salon with my friend Sarah Cabanlig for a hair re bond. That was my first time, since my hair is curly in nature. For 22 years I am Goldilocks, just what my other friends used to tease me with. It took almost 6 hours, but it was all worth it. Sarah and I both enjoyed Victor Ortega Salon's service. 


I will miss my curly hair. It was a great curly hair. Very natural. But it got damaged the last year that was why I had it re bonded. My friends have different responses after my new look. Some did not like it that much but most of them liked it. And I love my new hair now. I am enjoying it. I also realized how important it is have a great looking hair. It is our crowning glory, anyways.

Friday, September 10

JIVE: Jesus-Insprired, Valuing Eternity

This is the youth group that I belong for, I think, more than six years. I don't want us to be considered as religious youth group. JIVE is 6 years old now, continually serving the Lord Jesus. I really love this group and it has been a great part of me. We are committed to serve God and people and to the Great Commission. We have what we call Jive's Purpose Statement, stating: " JIVE exists to reach the youth of Makati, to enlist them in God's family, to equip them in Christ-likeness, to employ their gifts in serving one another, and to exalt God's name."

Every last Saturday of the month, we're conducting an outreach event for high school and college students. On September 25, we will conduct an event entitled "Avatar" and its focus is how to be more like Christ. I am excited! I am the Program Manager for that day. It will be another harvesting occasion. I know God will use us mightily and will empower us. This is all for His glory.


Thursday, September 9

In my Life, Your will be done

As an imperfect person, I experience a lot of insecurities. I often feel that I am not significant, worthless. But when I pour out my heart to God, I feel the relief and peace. Listening to Praise and Worship songs helps greatly when I am feeling down. Oceans will Part by Hillsong is one of my favorite songs. Be blessed by the lyrics.

Oceans Will Part Lyrics
By Hillsong

Verse 1:
If my heart has grown cold,
There Your love will unfold;
As You open my eyes to the work of Your hand.
When I'm blind to my way,
There Your Spirit will pray;
As You open my eyes to the work of Your hand,
As You open my eyes to the work of Your hand.

Oceans will part; nations come
At the whisper of Your call.
Hope will rise; glory shown.
In my life, Your will be done.

Verse 2:
Present suffering may pass,
Lord, Your mercy will last;
As You open my eyes to the work of Your hand.
And my heart will find praise,
I'll delight in Your way,
As You open my eyes to the work of Your hand,
As You open my eyes to the work of Your hand.

Wednesday, September 8

My Dream Places

Here’s the list of places I have never been to yet.  I wrote these dream places of mine more than a year ago in my journal and I promised myself that someday I can afford to go to these places. I love beautiful and amazing scenery and I love adventures. I love to explore and to recreate. I would love to travel the entire Philippines first, and then travel abroad. Philippines is a great country.

  Let me enumerate my dream spots:
  • Manila Ocean Park
  • Enchanted Kingdom
  • Pagbilao, Quezon
  • Avilon Zoo and Zoobic Safari
  • Blue Gardens (actually, this is a dream place for my wedding day)
  • Baguio
  •  Resorts near Mt. Taal
  • Palawan underground River
  •  Boracay
  •  Falls in the Philippines
  • Dakak in Dapitan
  • Panglao, Bohol
  • Club Manila East
  • Caliraya Recreation Center and Resort

Tuesday, September 7

Beware: Dengue Fever

I was shocked when I heard in the news about the statistics of Dengue Fever this year. According to our Department of Health (DOH), dengue cases nationwide reached 62,503 with 465 deaths. And the shocking part was it is from the month of January to August only. The dengue death toll actually outnumbered the casualties during Ondoy calamity last year. Compared with last year’s cases, the percentage of this year’s outbreak reached up to 88%. Terrifying!

I was a Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever victim myself. I was confined in the hospital for six days last January 2009 because of that horrifying illness! Take note: DHF level 3. That’s not a good experience. Thank God for saving me from it.

I believe that DHF is now curable and preventable. Do not let a high fever last for two days. What I did when I was hospitalized because of it was I drank liters of water. Water therapy contributed greatly, aside from other medicines that were injected to me.

Fight DHF! Healthy body and environment are important to blow away Dengue Virus and its effects. Lessons were learned when I had it myself, take it from me.

Monday, September 6

The Chronicles has just begun

This is just my first time here in BlogSpot. And I have plentiful of friends who do blogging, actually. I heard that this way of earning money online is great. They have encouraged me a lot of times to blog before. It’s really hard to think of something that many people can be hooked up. I just thought that maybe I can blog about myself, my day to day chronicles, so I can write and share some things that maybe many people can relate and be hooked up.
I really missed to write. Writing is part of my passions.  I hope to God that this thing will work.  My chronicles has just begun. You will know more about me and all the things around as go along with Blogging.