Friday, September 10

JIVE: Jesus-Insprired, Valuing Eternity

This is the youth group that I belong for, I think, more than six years. I don't want us to be considered as religious youth group. JIVE is 6 years old now, continually serving the Lord Jesus. I really love this group and it has been a great part of me. We are committed to serve God and people and to the Great Commission. We have what we call Jive's Purpose Statement, stating: " JIVE exists to reach the youth of Makati, to enlist them in God's family, to equip them in Christ-likeness, to employ their gifts in serving one another, and to exalt God's name."

Every last Saturday of the month, we're conducting an outreach event for high school and college students. On September 25, we will conduct an event entitled "Avatar" and its focus is how to be more like Christ. I am excited! I am the Program Manager for that day. It will be another harvesting occasion. I know God will use us mightily and will empower us. This is all for His glory.


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