Tuesday, September 7

Beware: Dengue Fever

I was shocked when I heard in the news about the statistics of Dengue Fever this year. According to our Department of Health (DOH), dengue cases nationwide reached 62,503 with 465 deaths. And the shocking part was it is from the month of January to August only. The dengue death toll actually outnumbered the casualties during Ondoy calamity last year. Compared with last year’s cases, the percentage of this year’s outbreak reached up to 88%. Terrifying!

I was a Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever victim myself. I was confined in the hospital for six days last January 2009 because of that horrifying illness! Take note: DHF level 3. That’s not a good experience. Thank God for saving me from it.

I believe that DHF is now curable and preventable. Do not let a high fever last for two days. What I did when I was hospitalized because of it was I drank liters of water. Water therapy contributed greatly, aside from other medicines that were injected to me.

Fight DHF! Healthy body and environment are important to blow away Dengue Virus and its effects. Lessons were learned when I had it myself, take it from me.

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