Thursday, February 3

I miss you all


I miss writing here! My apologies for not updating this blog of mine for a very long time. It has been a very very busy start of 2011. How am I doing? I am great! One great blessing that had happened was I am already a regular employee of Sykes Asia, Inc. Weeeeh! Yeah, it's really such a blessing and I really am grateful to God for this. This job really helped me and my family with our finances. I am really looking forward for more years in Sykes. 

My January is fully loaded! Well, actually each month is loaded, always. Hehe! Blessings and provisions are always there 'cause truly, you know, He is our Jehovah Jireh.  Of course problems were present as well. For this year, I have come up of some goals. I only have two in mind yet; I am still thinking about my goals, which I would also share here in my blog. Those two goals are: to save P4,000 each month and to live a healthy diet and lifestyle. This past two weeks, I suffered Digestive and bowel movement problems. But I am better now. I just need fiber, lots of water, fruits and veggies. Healthy diet, in short.

February would be an exciting month as well. I already have some scheduled events and plans. And I am really excited. Oh yeah, Feb is heart month! I am sure all lovers out there wouldn't miss a date on Feb 14.

I just wanna say I miss you all. I hope you guys miss my blogs too. Hehehe.. I heart (love) you all!


  1. apology accepted. eheee..happy blogging again girl

  2. Welcome back! My sister is an IT-junior guru too in Trend Micro. ;')

  3. Thanks girls! it's great to be back :)

  4. welcome back!!! look forward to see more blogs :)

  5. we missed u too here dude-cla