Tuesday, October 26

My Own Biz Someday

As a 22-year old lady, I know there are so many things in life that I still need to learn, accomplish and reach. I am glad that little by little, I am learning to be independent. I am now learning to budget, save and give. A month ago, I was able to apply for a Savings account in BPI Family Savings Bank. I am so happy that I have finally done that.

I had my own fair share of dreams, plans and desires. One of those is to put up my own business. I talked to my best friend Nick last time and asked him what would be the best business to start up. He asked me where I plan to establish my business. I told him that I want to put it up beside our home in Laguna, since we still have space in our whole lot area. Those ideas were shared. Then he suggested a water refilling business. I thought of it as a great idea. Our village is not saturated with that kind of business yet. Hopefully, I will be, if not the first, one of the pioneer entrepreneurs with that kind of biz in our zone.

I researched some prior facts about putting up a Water Refilling Station in the web. According to some, the capital would not be more than half a million. Some were offering franchise. I am also thinking of franchising an existing water refilling business. All ideas were already there. I will just need to start the specific planning and saving. I want to start saving up money as early as possible. Of course, I can’t do these all alone. I need people, friends, and experts, to help me out. So help me, Father.

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