Tuesday, October 5

Bought a Gift for myself

I went to Landmark last October 1st to buy something for myself. Since that was the day after payday. I shopped bags and a belt for my dearest Dad. This bag was a dream bag. Not the brand name,'cause I really don't care about the name of anything, but the style. I was really dreaming to have a back pack before, and it's truly rewarding that I was able to buy one for myself, as a gift. Actually I have a list of things that I want to buy. And it's really advisable to write your dreams on a paper and have them scrathed out once you have reached it. It would also be a reminder how good God is.  


  1. hi there... You might want to share with other bloggers about your bucket list. If you are interested to join, kindly visit
    all the mechanics are provided.cheers =)

  2. hi eloi, kindly copy the code below my post para magkaron ka rin ng link..create ka ng lifelist blog post mu, then sa html ng blog post mu, copy my code, para makita mu who the others na nagjoin..=)

  3. Nice bag eloi! =) I posted my bucket list entitled I want.. feel free to vist mine anytime.. thanks! =)

  4. Hey there.. Yeah, I know what you meant about the brand and stuffs.. I am such person thus the ease in relating to what you wrote..
    I am following you in here on Google..
    Hope to see you in any of my blogs soon.. Yep, I am certain that at least one will appeal to you.. :)