Saturday, September 18

My College Journey

It was the year 2005 when I enrolled at IETI College, Inc. in Alabang. The course that I had in mind then was Information Technology. After the entrance examination, the College Dean refer me to their new program, the BS Computer Engineering, since my test result is Above average. So I enrolled in that program, without knowing that I have to take that course for five years.

I continued what I started. My college journey was never that easy. I struggled financially very often times. I came to a point when my father said that I might stop studying. During my second year, my father did his best for me to continue my study. He asked help from his Big boss and presented my grades to apply for a Tuition fee support. After few months, we got an approval from Mr. Matta for a tuition fee support until I finish my schooling. An awesome testimony of God's faithfulness and power in my life! The only requirement was to maintain my good grades.

All determinations, perseverance and prayers did paid off. Last June 26 of this year, I marched as a graduate of BS Computer Engineering at PICC Plenary Hall. Not only did I march, I also went up stage twice to receive awards. I receive two medals for Best Engineering Student and Best in Engineering Design. I give back all the glory and praises to God, my Ultimate Provider. That was one of the most worth remembering moments of my life. 

Award of Excellence: Best Engineering Student

Best in Engineering Design
Thankful to God for my very supportive parents

The five-year journey of College was not easy but full of Kaleidoscopic experiences. I met great and cool people. I have learned things that I believe God really wanted me to learn. This is not the end yet, this is the beginning of the new chapters of my chronicle.



  1. God is really good! Thanks for sharing this inspiring testimony.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment, Pastor! I'm now enjoying blogging. :)