Saturday, November 27

Monthly Highlights: November

December is coming! Wohooo! Christmas is in the air! I can really feel the breeze. November has been a very busy month for me that was why I only had 3 posts. Our work loads are adding little by little and each day was really a stressful one, but I am happy with my work. I would like to share my favorite experiences for this month.

November 2, I had a reunion with my high school friend Abigail and her family. I missed them for five years. I am very happy to got that chance of seeing them again.

November 7, I was able to see my newly born nephew Prince Liam, son of cousin Josiah. He’s really a handsome baby boy! Really look like his mom.

November 20, I had the chance to see some of my high school friends and had bonding times with them.

November 21, our church, SBC-Makati celebrated with our mother Church SBC-Masinag its 30th Anniversary. It was held at Ynares Center in Antipolo. The event was entitled “In Christ Alone.” Great time to have the privilege to worship with them and hear His messages of Hope.

November 25-26, two-day Holiday offs. That was due to Thanksgiving Day in U.S.A. Our company also had its breaks during those days. So glad to have rest the whole day of 25th.
November 24, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 5th year of friendship and love. We were not able to see each other that day but on the 26th we went to Enchanted Kingdom as our anniversary date and celebration. We also watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows beforehand. We arrived at EK around 3PM. There were so many people. Unfortunately, we only have 5 rides enjoyed. But it was ok, the experience was very very good. I enjoyed each second with him there.  

November 27, our Youth group’s J@M entitled “Higher.” Our crowd was filled with Elementary students. But it’s alright, God has the plan why he allowed the very youngsters to be there.

This month was filled by my friends and so-loved ones. And of course of God’s presence each moment. I am very blessed to have ‘em all. There’s nothing in this world to which they can be compared.