Tuesday, November 9

Highs and Lows Last Week

Let's start with the Low:
  • I received a last warning from my Team Leader (TL) for browsing non-work-related sites most specifically Facebook. It was a sweet approach and coach. It was really my bad. So immature of me. I really felt bad. I can't afford to lose my job because of it.

Good thing, I have many highs last week:
  •  I gained 4 kilograms that made me to have a normal weight.
  •  I am debt free now! Yepeee! I was able to pay my long-time debts. Thankful to my schoolmate for her patience and kindness.
  •  I saw again my favorite guy and best friend Nick after two weeks of not seeing each other. Thanks to our technology today, it is so great to have cellular phones for instant communication even in long-distance.
  •  I am so blessed to see my newly born nephew namely Prince Liam. He's the son of my cousin, Josiah. She said that I am her baby's Tita-Ninang (Auntie-God-mother). Oh my! I have so many God-children! Hahaha! But I am so glad that my friends believed that I am the perfect God-Mama for their children.


  1. hi, eloi, you got me intested when you said you gained 4 kilograms, and that made your weight normal. how did you do it? how long did it take you to gain that 4 kg?

  2. hi lynn! i just ate and ate and ate. i always make sure that i am not skipping meals each day :D

  3. Hi Eloi,

    I returned the following. I followed the following to this blog.

    Russ (Dr. Kingpin);)