Sunday, November 7

Happy to gain some weights

I checked my weight last Saturday and it was so glad to know that I had gained 4 kilos. Three months ago, I was hoping to gain some weight for me to have a normal Body Mass Index (BMI). And without noticing it, I actually gained weight. Haha!

Three months ago, I weigh 45 kilos only. And I am 5 feet 3 inches tall so I was underweight. But now I weigh 49 kilos, I have a normal BMI. I am really glad!
I am very happy to be in Normal weight now. I can say that my job contributed a lot on this. I was really hoping before, and now I have made it! I want to gain 1 to 2 more kilos and then just maintain it. I would still want to have some pack of abs. Haha! 

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