Saturday, December 4

Got my New Eye Wear

Another wish granted for myself! Wooot! Two weeks ago, our company have free eye check-up from Eye Wear Express for all the employers and have given the chance to buy new eye glasses with discounted prices. Sadly, my eye grade increased. My right eye has 325 grade and my left eye has 275. Two years ago I only had 225-250. That was why after my eye check-up, I ordered an eyeglass that is multi-coated so that my eyes can have the protection from computer's radiation. Because everyday, 24/7, I'm in front of the computer.

I got 15% discount for my new Ted Baker eyeglass made in Japan. I used my old eye wear for two years and I just felt the need to change it now. I am really thankful to God for allowing me to have this. I really love my new eyeglass. I consider this as another treat for myself. 


  1. Well, I hope your eyes maintain their health.

    Glad the glasses help.

    Yes, thank God. I had my floaters removed from my one eye earlier this year. A real blessing.

    Dr. Kingpin:)

  2. ganda ng eye glasses mo dear..

  3. Nice Glasses.. For me also its time to change my glasses..