Monday, October 18

Wanna be a Network Engineer

I am working as a VoIP Installation Engineer. This is just my first job, I mean full time job. I started working last July 26. My training just ended last October 15th and we were trained for 2 months and a half. We were trained by four American trainers, and they are all very good people. The training was not really easy. Our account is really not that easy.

As we went along the training, I realized that there are so many things that I really need to learn and to master. Sometimes, I think of myself as a “Jack of all trades, master of none.” But I really got encouraged by my trainers. I wan to be like them. I want to be a “geek” as they are. My last trainer shared so many thoughts that encouraged me to master Networking since I just had basic knowledge of it. I don’t want to remain on the basics.

My next mental goal is to master Networking. My colleague Ed also motivated me to study more about it. He wants us to study together and help each other. I am really thankful to God for this new chapter of my life. Life is indeed a continuous learning process. The more we learn new things, the more things we still yet to know. So amazing!

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