Monday, September 20

Portals of Discovery

I love this e-mail message that was sent to me by my Team Leader Erwyn during the time that I did some mistakes in an order that was assigned to me. We are all still trainees. I am now working as Technical Support Professional of Sykes and we are doing VoIP installations. Our training will last for 3 months and we are now at our 1 month and a half. The account is not easy. 

Here's the message:

I was so guilty that day. I also feel ashamed. But I got encouraged by his words. A true Team Lead of him. Our team is getting closer and closer. Next month we will conduct a team building in Tagaytay of which I am very excited. Come early November, we will all be at production and will handle live orders. Just like what Erwyn said, we are team, together we stand. 


  1. That was encouraging, indeed. I'm glad for your team for having a good leader.

  2. So true! I'm so blessed to have them. Thank God for everything. :)