Wednesday, September 29

Jacob Black lines in Twilight Saga

I am team Jacob! (LOL) Just want to share these lines of Jacob Black in the Twilight Saga. I am such a fan of it, really. And I like Taylor Lautner, the star casting Jacob Black of Twilight! Hahahaha!

Jacob Black: Imprinting on someone is like... Like when you see her... Everything changes. All of a sudden, its not gravity holding you to the planet. It's her... Nothing else matters.

Edward and Jacob arguing

Edward Cullen: [about Jake in the tent] This might sound odd, but im glad you're here.
Jacob Black: meaning, as much as I'd love to kill you im glad she's warm.
Edward Cullen: if we weren't natural enemies, and you weren't trying to steal my reason for existing, i might actually like you.
Jacob Black: well, if you weren't planning on sucking the life out of the girl i love, i might,
Jacob Black: no. not even then.

Jacob Black: [to Edward] Let's face it, I am hotter than you.

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